Troubleshooting your Furnaces

One of the most important components of a house, especially to those who experience winter every year, is the furnace. Furnace provides warmth when we couldn’t get it anywhere, which is during the desolately cold winter season. But like all systems and machines, the furnace is also subject to wear and tear, and it can become faulty over time. 

A faulty furnace can be very troublesome, especially if gets bad in the middle of the winter season. But in every problem there is a fix, so does with some of the parts of a furnace. Equip yourself with knowledge and know the basic troubleshooting for your Furnace. 


1. Pilot Flame

A furnace that is in good condition will only have blue flames, and its height should be around 2 inches high. If you notice that there is a yellow colored flame or its height is shorter than it should be, then there might be a problem with your burner. To adjust it, seek for the pilot assembly and find the gas valve and screw it tighter. Do not confuse the pilot flame from the main burners, if the main burners are faulty, contact professionals, click here. 

2. Gas Leaking 

One trouble that you should always pay notice off is gas leaking because if left unaddressed, it could cause fire related accidents. You can usually notice if there is gas leaking by simply using your power of smell. 

But if you aren’t sure about smelling leaked gas or other substances, you can concoct the solution of water and liquid detergent. Apply this solution to the valves, which is the connection point, and where leaks may occur. If the solution produces bubbles, then a gas leak may be apparent. Use a pipe wrench and try to tighten the valves. If the valves produce bubbles after you tighten it, then you should call professionals to fix it completely. 

3. Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a device that is connected with the pilot flame. The thermocouple has an important safety function; it shuts off the gas that is coming in if the electric igniter doesn’t function or if the pilot burner is not working. One indication that your thermocouple may be damaged is if the pilot burner is not producing flame consistently.  

To troubleshoot your thermocouple, find the thermocouple nut and use a wrench to tighten it. Make sure not to use too much force because the nut may be broken, just tighten it up slowly. After doing this, try to ignite the pilot flame again, and if it still does not produce consistent flame, consider replacing your thermocouple entirely.  

4. Filters

Dirt and dust are one of the main enemies of your furnace, and the component it directly affects is your furnace filter. The best way to protect your filters is to clean your furnace regularly. But through time, the filter would accumulate dirt and dust that would render it unfit for function. To check your filters, take it out in a well-lighted surrounding, and see if its surface is cloggy. If it does, it is better to replace it. 

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Top 3 Benefits You Can Get When You Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner 

If you have personally cleaned your own carpets, you must have probably known by now that it can truly be a difficult and time consuming chore, not to mention it’s also not as effective as hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider like . Oftentimes, a lot of people argue about the real reasons why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is extremely worth it.

This is the reason why we have listed in this article some of the common yet most important benefits that you can get should you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider.

Carpet Cleaner

1. Saves Time

First and foremost, the amount of time that you are going to save should you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaner is enough reason for most homeowners to choose to hire the experts when it comes to cleaning their carpet flooring instead of doing the cleaning task themselves. In fact, it takes a large amount of time in order to clean a house regardless what the size is. And because most people nowadays are already busy with family, studies and work, life is much more realistic for most homeowners to simply hire the experts and leave the cleanliness of their carpet cleaning to the hands of professionals.

2. Simple and Easy

It is incredibly simple and easy to hire a professional in order to the carpet cleaning task in your behalf than to do the chore yourself, First and foremost, when you decide to clean your carpet on your own, there are a lot of hard work to do since you will have to move your furniture and all that is placed on your carpet. Aside from that, you will be the one responsible to rent the equipment yourself and return it after your carpet cleaning process. All of these hard works should be done when you decide to clean your carpet on your own but sadly, the result will certainly not match the output that professional carpet cleaning companies can be able to produce.

3. Eliminates Health Risks

A lot of people, especially those that have received professional carpet cleaning service before, agree that hiring an expert carpet cleaner is the best way to do when you lead a busy life yet you never want to put you and your family’s health at risk. As a matter of fact, one of the most important reasons why you should hire an expert carpet cleaner is the fact that the pros can help eliminate health related risks through providing a thorough carpet cleaning service.

This is due to the fact that professional carpet cleaners have the right tools and specialized carpet cleaning equipment that can hit all the dirty spots and your carpet as well as can go down deep into the fibers of your carpet. For sure, you will not be able to do any of these if you decide to clean your carpet flooring yourself.

Most of the times, most homeowners don’t know is that the fibers in their carpets can breed dust mites, dander, fungus, mold and other sickness causing bacteria that can be a red flag to you and your family, which is why it is important that carpets should be kept clean as much as possible.

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